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Who We Are

Pack for Better was established by Gorkem Akdag in 2021, with a vision to pioneer sustainable packaging manufacturing in Turkey.

Pack for Better is the 1st packaging manufacturing brand in Turkey that exclusively focuses on sustainable materials.
We partner with Kurşun ambalaj factory located in Istanbul, to benefit from their state-of-art machines and trained workforce while sourcing compostable and recyclable raw material to produced packages for our clients.

Where We Are

Short Lead Times & Greener Transportation

Turkey has a well-established manufacturing capacity with reliable and affordable labour that ensures the highest quality of production at an affordable rate.
It is close to Europe which enables shorter lead times and greener transportation options compared to Asian production sites. İt is strategically located to provide greener and affordable packaging to European market.

Our story

A Word From Our Founder

When my son Emil was born, I had been working in the packaging industry for 5 years as the export sales manager of a leading Turkish flexible packaging factory : Kurşun Ambalaj.

While I was still passionate about my day-to-day work, I started to question how much non-recyclable plastic was being used under my nose:

  • Becoming a father gave me a new outlook. I started to care more about sustainability and the health of our planet.
  • I travelled more frequently to France. My wife being French, we visited my in-laws more often. I noticed during our travels that consumers in Europe are more and more leaning towards greener alternatives – including when it comes to packaging.

The packaging factory I was working at was already making recyclable packaging when asked by clients, but never produced any compostable ones.

I discussed the matter with our factory’s CEO and he encouraged me to give it a try : I could use the factory’s facilities, it’s state of the art machines, with compostable raw materials. My intrapreneurship journey began!

I looked for the best compostable materials and collaborated with manufactures from around the world : from Japan to Spain, Israel, Germany, and Thailand.

My goal being to find or combine the best materials in terms of durability and barrier, while keeping the costs as low as possible. After couple of years of trials and errors, I am proud to now be able to procure reliable and sustainable flexible packaging!